Ticking items off the Wish List – Santorini & a hammock!

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Hey guys!

Hope you’re all good & everything’s going okay 🙂

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about writing lists of things that I want to achieve. I started writing my ‘bucket list’ while I was in hospital, flicking through travel brochures & noting down the places that I would love to see. One place that stood out was Santorini in Greece. The beautiful blue and white buildings bathed in the light of that famous sunset was mesmerising. It looked divine.

I never dreamed I would get there – you know how normal life makes you put things off all the time? – it was just a dream in the future that would at some point come true. But then my brother messaged me & asked if me & my mother would like to join him and his wife on a holiday to SANTORINI!

We would only have to pay for flights as they were paying for accommodation – it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Before I tell you about the trip, I just wanted to say something about travel insurance (skip this if you find it completely boring!). I was looking for travel insurance on various sites for both me & my mother for aaaages! There seemed to be no option for cancer in remission, only osteosarcoma. But the questions suggested that I still had it. I wanted to mention that I had had cancer because my leg was playing up before we flew out & I didn’t want to get into any difficulty while I was out there. Of course, the price of the insurance shot up as soon as I mentioned cancer. Eventually, we managed to get a fantastic deal on www.holidayinsurance.com so check them out if you’re looking for travel insurance.

Anyways! We stayed in Perissa & Imerovigli with day trips to Oia & Fira. The places we stayed were so beautiful, clean & luxurious. The people were friendly, the food was delicious (and in huge portions) and the views were STUNNING. The highlight of the trip was definitely going on an all day boat trip & watching the sunset. It was the most amazing experience & I can’t thank my brother & my sister in law enough for their generosity.

Another thing on my wish list was to sleep in a hammock & guess what was in Santorini?! Hammocks! Just outside one of the bars! So while I didn’t sleep in one, I sat in one for a while & that’s another thing ticked off too. Just 59 more to go…

Please, please add Santorini to your wish list if you haven’t already – it was genuinely the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life.

I think everyone needs time out from everything now and again – to have time to process everything & to relax. It was great to have time to stop & think. My leg was also hurting a little before we left & it brought home to me just how much the trip meant. I dreamed about it for seven years & now I can say I’ve been there.

Here’s some pics:

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Santorini I love ya!

Allie x