The benefits of a diary…

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Diagnosis comes with a number of things: shock, grief and about a million appointments! Consultations, blood tests, physiotherapy, nutritionists etc etc etc.

It’s difficult to keep track of where you’re meant to be & who you’re meant to be seeing so:

  • Have a diary handy so that you can make a note of all your appointments & ideally burn it when all your treatment finishes!
  • Work out who will be available to take you to the appointments in advance.
  • Prepare any questions you want to ask before you go in.
  • Keeping a food diary may help if you’re unsure of how many calories you’re getting.
  • Try your best to attend every appointment – everyone is there to help you!

We threw out all the notebooks full of appointments, phone numbers and leaflets about a year after my treatment & it was so SO liberating!

Allie x