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There are lots & lots of controversial diets that claim to fight cancer – I’m a bit more sceptical.

Of course, there are so many benefits to a healthy lifestyle & it’s been proved in some cases that certain foods have anti-cancer properties. But if someone is asking you for money in exchange for a diet that can completely cure you – that’s a road you don’t want to take. People can take advantage of ill people this way & it’s wrong.

Instead, I would say that, particularly after cancer, maintaining a balanced lifestyle is key.

After all my Domino’s pizzas while I was ill, I couldn’t get used to eating healthily again. I put on a bit of weight & before I went to university, I was pretty insecure about myself. I lost some weight while I was there (student living on a budget!) & although I’m still not entirely secure about my body, I’ve learned that having a healthy lifestyle is more important than fad diets or not eating anything at all.


Leafy salads & soups are my favourites for lunch (especially homemade!) with something more substantial for dinner. Broccoli soup is gorgeous – broccoli, garlic, onions & potatoes – and carrot & coriander is great too. Lots of fibre & vitamins.

I don’t deny myself cake & chocolate or anything like that – life’s too damn short – but I do make sure I’m getting as many good things as I can!

I also watched Greig Trout’s video on juicing recently which is really interesting – – and he’s inspired me to start juicing myself. I’ve read lots of different opinions about it but honestly, if I’m getting that many vegetables in one sitting – why not?! My juicer is quite small too & I fear that I’ve broken it so when I get a new one – I’ll put some recipes on the blog!

Allie x