My New Workout Routine | Fitness

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Hey guys,

A couple of blog posts ago, I told you about the results of my heart appointment as I’m on the verge of heart failure. I’m currently waiting for another appointment to have some more tests done and find out more about what’s going on but for now, I’ve decided to try and get myself a little bit healthier.

I’ve created a new workout routine for myself to keep myself motivated and to make sure that I’m getting that heart a little bit stronger!

If I’m not feeling great or I’ve got palpitations, I don’t push myself but if I know I’m just being lazy, I’ll try and get in as much exercise as I possibly can.

So here we go:

  • I get most of my images from Pinterest – super helpful! – & then I’ll also use a video from Cassey Ho’s Blogilates  Youtube channel if I’m feeling extra active!
  • As well as each of these exercises, I have a 45 minute walk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday & a 30 minute walk on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend.
  • I’ve also just started aqua aerobics once a week!






I’m really starting to get into a routine and feeling a lot better (and a little sore!) for it.

Let me know what your fitness routine is looking like 🙂

Allie x