Life Update and Anxiety Post-Cancer

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Hey guys!

I hope you’re all doing okay!

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy for me – after I came back from Santorini, I got my head down to get my dissertations finished so that I could hand them in this month. Unfortunately, my plan was ruined a little by a kidney infection that I was diagnosed with at the end of July – it lasted until mid-August which threw my work out as I was in so much pain & puking all the time (sorry for the gross details!)

If I’m honest though, the pain was one of the worst I’ve ever had & that’s saying something – it felt like my back was going to snap in two! I went back to the doctors after my first course of antibiotics finished as I was still in pain & it all got a bit scary as the doctor referred me straight to the hospital; she thought I might have a blood clot on one of my lungs as there was a patch that wasn’t getting enough air when she listened to my chest. Of course, the first thing that jumped into my head was that it was a tumour and I was just praying it wasn’t anything serious! A few hours later, after blood tests, X-rays and an ECG, we were thankfully told that there was nothing there & it was just the kidney infection still hanging around.

We were sent home with antibiotics & it eventually cleared up but the anxiety didn’t go away for a while. I think there’ll always be times like that, when cancer is the first thing that comes to mind, but I always try to stay positive. It is hard to push it out of my head but I just wanted to let you guys know about all this so that if you feel the same (even seven years on!), you will know you’re not alone.

Ideal poorly viewing!

I also saw a cardiologist who wants to do some more tests on my heart as it has already been weakened by the chemo & I was having palpitations and shortness of breath while I had the infection. I’m having the 24 hour heart monitor fitted next week so I’ll let you know how that goes 🙂

On a different note, I handed my dissertations in on time (yaaaay!) and have officially now finished my Creative Writing Masters degree. I’m now moving on to exciting things that I will keep you updated on as and when they happen!

Wishing you all health & happiness,

Allie x