Keeping it moving

Posted on Posted in Exercise, Staying Healthy Post-Cancer

Exercise, exercise, exercise…not my best friend. I’ve had the bone in my leg replaced with a titanium joint so I can’t do an awful lot of strenuous exercise but that’s never really stopped me. I’ve done Zumba & other classes within the gym – as long as the instructor is aware of your “disability”, they won’t go too hard on you & you can push yourself to your own personal limit.

I also walk a lot which I love & since I now live further away from my local gym, I’ll sometimes do workouts from YouTube – low impact ones are the best for me at the moment.

It helps too, that my boyfriend is into his fitness so he creates workouts for me to do that won’t push me too hard & put too much pressure on my leg.

I’m yet to find workouts specifically for people with my disability but please let me know if you do find any for titanium joints!

One of the things on my bucket list was to run across an empty beach & feel the wind in my hair which I did a couple of years ago (even though the doctors told me I wasn’t allowed to run – naughty me!) but it made me feel so happy since it was all that I’d wanted to do while I was in hospital.

As long as you feel that you have achieved as much as you want to achieve, that’s worth more than anything.

Allie x