Hospital Update! | News

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Hey lovely people,

I hope you’re all doing well.

You may have seen on my Instagram that I recently visited the hospital to have the metal joint in my leg checked.

I was slightly worried as my consultant told me that the joint had become a little wobbly back in October.

Afraid that I would damage it, I stopped exercising so much and spent more time resting. I wasn’t sure if I would need more surgery and, as it began to feel worse, I made an appointment to have it checked with the experts.

As it turns out, it is absolutely fine – woohoo! My consultant told me that there is a minor hinge wobble but nothing that he would want to operate on which is great! I think the worry of it becoming loose made me so intent on looking after it that I didn’t want to do anything to harm it. But it does need exercise & I think the pain I was getting was due to me not doing enough of it!

Now, I’m back on an exercise regime for 3 days a week, focusing on building those leg muscles back up. I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

The appointment wasn’t a completely wasted journey though – I learnt that the prosthesis should last for another 7 years before anything needs to be done to it so for now, I will concentrate on other things.

Stay smiling,

Allie x