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Hey lovely people,

I hope you’re all doing okay!

This week, I thought I would just give you a little update on what’s been going on with my heart.

As most of you guys know, my heart was one of the things that was affected by the chemo I had in 2008.

Last year, I had a kidney infection & I told the doctor that I was having a lot of palpitations too. She was a little concerned & sent me to the hospital straight away as she suspected that I had a blood clot on my lung – all a bit scary! Anyway, everything was fine thankfully! But because of my palpitations, they wanted to investigate a little more on the cardiology side of things.

I had a 24 hour heart monitor fitted to check my heart & from that, they could see that I’ve got tachycardia (the posh word for an abnormally high heart rate ;)) and at times, my heart just completely stops. I do get short of breath sometimes but I’m not overly affected by it so they don’t want to put me on any medication. However, they did want to do another ultrasound just to check everything was okay & I went to see the doctor last week about it.

He said that my left ventricle is impaired & my heart is not pumping as well as it should be for someone of my age (which we knew before anyway) but he can’t tell if it’s any worse than it was before as he didn’t have my previous scans with him.

So I have another appointment next week to hopefully get all the answers! 😀

I feel like my palpitations have got a little better as I’ve been walking & exercising a bit more which is great too!

I’m sure all will be revealed next week & I’ll let you guys know what’s happening 🙂

Are any of you guys feeling the long (or short term) effects of chemo?

Let me know 🙂

Allie x

P.S I mentioned that I get palpitations when I eat chocolate & they said I might have an allergy! TO CHOCOLATE! Can you imagine?! I refuse to believe it! x