Having Children After Cancer

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I’ve recently been reading ‘Having Children After Cancer’ by Gina M. Shaw & it’s great!

I’m not planning a family right now – I’m 21 & still feel like a baby myself – but it’s really interesting to see what options are available to me when I decide to settle down.

The book is easily readable, very informative & provides stories of real patients – there are even template letters inside to send to fertility clinics etc.

Gina M. Shaw is based in America & I’m well aware that the information she gives is mainly for an American readership. If you’re British like me, I’m sure there’ll be different laws for us too. However, it’s interesting to get a rough idea of the help you can get in terms of fertility treatment, adoption etc & it certainly gives you hope for the future.

I’m not sure yet whether I’ll need fertility treatment as I haven’t been told for certain that I’m infertile. What I have been told is that there’s a risk I’ll have difficulty conceiving a child & then, if I do conceive, there may be difficulties in carrying the baby to full term. Also my heart has been weakened by chemo so they’d want to keep a close eye on me & on top of that, the possibility of an early menopause looms over me – so there’s lots to think (& worry!) about.

I do think this book has calmed me down though & given me more hope – it even gets me emotional at times – and it’s written in such a way that I can understand what she’s explaining rather than struggling with long medical terms.

Gina herself is a cancer survivor & a mother of three children – two of those biological! An inspirational lady!

Have a read if you’re interested,

Allie x