Greek food & Lemon Water Update!

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Hey guys!

As you’ve probably seen, I’ve recently come back from Greece.

The whole experience changed my mind about a lot of things – I had lots of time to think and I want to try & start meditating. I’ve never done it before but I feel like it would benefit me a lot as I get very anxious! Another thing that I want to change is my diet.

I’ve grown up with a Greek best friend since I was a kid so I’ve always known that Greek food is amazing! But actually being out there & eating fresh food all the time made me feel so much healthier! I’m guilty of grabbing processed food in a rush but I’ve realised that it doesn’t take that long to prepare good, fresh, healthy food and I really should make the effort.

The portion sizes in Greece were HUUUUGE – like, monumental!

Caesar salad for one!



The flavours were out of this world – chips with oregano on them taste so, SO good! I’m going to try & buy more herbs to add to meals & recreate some Greek dishes (although not as huge as that!) Also, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast every morning was so refreshing so I’ve bought myself some Onken yoghurt & fruit – lovely for the summer.

breakfast 2





I’m going to be trying out new recipes so keep your eyes peeled for more!

Lemon Water Update: As you may know, I was drinking lemon water every morning and I don’t know if I was doing something wrong, but I was getting indigestion for the rest of the day which was really horrible (sorry if that’s TMI!) So I stopped drinking it in the mornings & I don’t feel any major difference because I’m exercising so I still feel motivated. BUT the indigestion has stopped and I can only think that must have been the cause of it. I am, however, going to be making lots of fruit-infused water for the summer so I’ll put some recipes up then 🙂

Allie x