Finding yourself alone

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Although there seems to be a lot of people around at times like this, it is easy to feel isolated as very few people will know how you are really feeling.

Relatives & friends will inevitably worry about you. Because you’re not looking like your usual self, they may not believe you when you say you’re actually feeling okay. It can be frustrating but it’s understandable that they will be concerned.

Also if you’re on chemo, you’re also unlikely to be able to go any crowded places as you’re more susceptible to infection. Sometimes this can be a good thing as you can get pretty drained & you don’t wanna go anywhere anyway! On the other hand, it can be so difficult as you’re limited in terms of where you can go.

  • Make sure you’re not focused on cancer all the time – keep old friends close & talk about things that you normally talk about not cancer. 
  • You may lose friends who don’t know how to handle your illness which can be quite sad. You can try & reach out to them but don’t push it too far – moments like these are true tests of friendship & if they want to be there, they will.
  • But some people will surprise you – you’ll hear from people you have fallen out of touch with or have never been particularly close to which is lovely.
  • Make new friends who you can talk to about what is going on in your life concerning cancer – talk to others on the wards, join support groups or online forums – people who understand your situation can give great advice.
  • Read books – lose yourself in another world entirely! Or write – build your own world that you can indulge in 🙂

This isn’t a journey that anyone should go through alone so surround yourself with positive, motivational and understanding people,

Allie x