Escaping the darkness

Posted on Posted in Depression, Emotional Guidance

Firstly, I want to state that I have no medical qualifications & if you do feel that you’re suffering from depression, I would obviously advise seeing a doctor first and foremost.

However, if you feel a cloud settling over you now and again & you’re struggling to see the sun, read on for some of my tips on how to break through it.

When you’re first diagnosed, shock can kick in and you can seem numb to everything going on around you. But when the reality of your situation hits you, it can be overwhelming.

I’m a strong believer that the worse you feel mentally, the worse you feel physically. There will inevitably be feelings of sadness and concern that you will have to deal with and the lethargy that comes from treatment doesn’t usually help anything! But:

  • Talk to therapists, other patients and doctors who can help you to comprehend what is happening and give you strategies for dealing with your feelings.
  • Make sure you have a good, solid network of people around you who will encourage and motivate you – negative people are not welcome here!
  • Remember that cancer is only one part of your life – you have family, friends, hobbies & interests – you are not just a cancer patient and it doesn’t define you.
  • Try to remain positive but don’t hide how you feel – take your anger out through art, writing, screaming into your pillow etc and let others around you know what’s going through your head.
  • If you need help, ask for it – you’re going through something big & you can’t be strong all the time.

Keep your head up,

Allie x