If you’re looking for a friend…

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There are support groups in most places – it’s just a case of seeking them out! Thankfully, with the wonders of the Internet, they’re much easier to find! Macmillan can help you find support groups near you with the help of your postcode – go here to see more:¬†http://www.macmillan.org.uk/in-your-area/choose-location.html If you’d prefer to remain at […]

The benefits of a diary…

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Diagnosis comes with a number of things: shock, grief and about a million appointments! Consultations, blood tests, physiotherapy, nutritionists etc etc etc. It’s difficult to keep track of where you’re meant to be & who you’re meant to be seeing so: Have a diary handy so that you can make a note of all your […]

A different routine

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First and foremost, your health is the priority here. Try not to stress out about taking time off work – a lot of your energy needs to go into getting better. If you’re still studying, there will be time to catch up on your work at a later date. Sometimes, people are set back a […]