A Winter Graduation!

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Hey lovelies, We’re nearly at the end of 2015 & I thought I’d give you all a little life update 🙂 December was a really lovely month – I graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing! The ceremony was a little bit quieter than last time which was good because I was less nervous ha! […]

Ticking items off the Wish List – Santorini & a hammock!

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Hey guys! Hope you’re all good & everything’s going okay 🙂 I’ve written a couple of blog posts that you can read here: Looking ahead and here: Wish Lists about writing lists of things that I want to achieve. I started writing my ‘bucket list’ while I was in hospital, flicking through travel brochures & […]

Looking ahead

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While you’re in hospital, the same four walls can be very, very boring. Sometimes, it’s nice to make future plans & give yourself something to look forward to – they don’t have to be big or extravagant, just organising a get-together with friends can give you a focus. Or if you’re too tired, ask someone else to […]