Breaking Out the Bikini | Body Confidence

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Hey guys,

Okay so I am most definitely NOT built for the summer – I’m as pale as anything with really dark hair. Not the best combination –  you know that if you stay out in the sun for longer than ten minutes, you’ll burn & your legs need shaving every, like, two hours. My hair grew back with a vengeance after chemo & while that was great for my head, it wasn’t so great for the rest of me!

I’ve always been insecure about my body – after chemo, I went quite chubby & it took me a while to lose the extra couple of stone that I’d put on. Add that to the fact I had really dark hair growing back really thick & you can kinda see why I wasn’t the most confident kid on the block. This year, I started to work out more & get a little bit more toned (more on that in my next post!), waxed my legs with a Nair home waxing kit & just thought ‘what the hell!’ The scar on my leg always gets a few looks and I’ve got one on my chest & neck too from my Hickman line that people don’t always seem to notice. But with a bit of a tan (mainly fake!), it’s not really noticeable. I was going to wear an all in one swimsuit for my holiday because I’m always insecure about my hips but after a while, I thought I would just go for it & buy a bikini. I’m still working on my body but the way I see it, I may as well be happy in the body I’ve got because I’m lucky to still be here & feel the sun on my skin. Even with the scars, stretchmarks, wobbly bits etc etc.

So dig your bikinis out this summer ladies but don’t forget your factor 50!!

bikini2 bikini 1bikini3


Have confidence & don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks – it’s your body!

Allie x