I’m Allie & I’m the creator of Those Three Words.

I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – a rare form of bone cancer – in 2008 while I was in my mid-teens. I had 9 months of chemo & surgery in between. They replaced the affected bone – my femur – as well as my knee and part of my calf with a titanium joint so I’m now part metal!

After overcoming cancer, I went on to sixth form and university & completed an MA in Creative Writing. I’m very interested in the power of writing to aid emotional healing & it is something I wish to pursue in the future.

As well as having cancer myself, I also lost my wonderful father to it in 2013 so I have first hand experience of being the patient and the bereaved family member.

I decided to set this website up as I feel that a lot of the time, the emotional effects of cancer are overlooked, especially when treatment finishes. A few generations down the line, I hope cancer will be rare and easy to treat. But for now, I hope all of this helps a little bit!

Keep fighting & stay strong,
Allie x


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