7 years since I was diagnosed!

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9th April 2015 marked 7 years since I was diagnosed with bone cancer & however horrible that day was, I feel completely & utterly blessed to still be here 7 years on!

Words can’t describe how thankful I am to all the people who have supported me, loved me & cared for me during my treatment and even, beyond that.

The doctors & nurses,physiotherapists & nutritionists, teachers & social workers & psychologists all built me up physically & mentally.

And of course, my wonderful family & friends made me laugh, gave me hope & strength, held me in their arms & carried me when I was too weak to hold myself up.

The last seven years have brought ups & downs, sadness & happiness but more than anything, love & hope.

Five years ago, I met someone who loved me despite my scars & he makes me so happy that I want to live forever so that I can spend forever with him – however cheesy that sounds!

All in all, I intend to live as long a life as I can full of happiness, love & no cancer! ,

Allie x